Halo Panopticon Haslindon

Hi Guys well it was a nice sunny day but Bloody cold
So me and the wife went out so i could show of the Mavic (as thats where the holiday money has gone…)
and we ended up at The Halo at Haslindon in Lancashire see stills below took some grabs as grabs in devinci resolve with sone free lots i have found video will be up once i work out how to edit the clip its at 7 mins with some mistakes…i want to get rid of


Ok Video Done
this is my second flight and wanted to try out the POI setting up there is another 3 minutes before this which shows me cocking it up …
I had a ND8 filter on maybe should have gone with the 16 as the sun is whipped out
this editing wasn’t easy
Thanks Eric for the open permission to use his music
Ok link below


Looking good Jeff.
Thought you might pop over the border and take your good lady for a cheap meal at our favourite place.

Thanks Mike
There are a few panopticons in and around Pendle May be a visit to a few and get some flying in say a day trip if your interested when it warms up a bit

She doesn’t travel well…

Yep, up for that mate.
Will pack a bag for the trip over the border.
Anytime, drop me a message.

You need that passport too oh and some coins for the toll