Hampshire meet up - are you interested?


Can everyone let say if you prefer
Doesn’t matter


Good luck with that one. :wink:


Romsey does - but the train connection between the two ain’t easy … via Salisbury I believe.


As a shift worker, some weeks it will be a weekday, others, a weekend. I’ll try to fit it in as best as possible.


Brian - did you see my PM?


Just replied, sorry missed that


Weekend would be best for me. I’m just off to Scotland then Africa, so tail end Nov ideal.


I could probably do the 17th but I am working both days the following weekend. I am off the first and second weekends of Dec.


Time is short for me, so I’ll fit in if I can. Brian, thanks for your efforts.


I am fairly flexible but 17th November is not good for me. I can do weekdays or weekends. Happy to travel to Romsey and looking forward to a meet.


Is this a plan? Google tells me in 90 mins away so could be a doable thing!


I’ve not forgotten. Just back from Africa so will give it some thought next week!