Hampshire meet up - are you interested?


Can everyone let say if you prefer
Doesn’t matter


Good luck with that one. :wink:


Romsey does - but the train connection between the two ain’t easy … via Salisbury I believe.


As a shift worker, some weeks it will be a weekday, others, a weekend. I’ll try to fit it in as best as possible.


Brian - did you see my PM?


Just replied, sorry missed that


Weekend would be best for me. I’m just off to Scotland then Africa, so tail end Nov ideal.


I could probably do the 17th but I am working both days the following weekend. I am off the first and second weekends of Dec.


Time is short for me, so I’ll fit in if I can. Brian, thanks for your efforts.


I am fairly flexible but 17th November is not good for me. I can do weekdays or weekends. Happy to travel to Romsey and looking forward to a meet.


Is this a plan? Google tells me in 90 mins away so could be a doable thing!


I’ve not forgotten. Just back from Africa so will give it some thought next week!


Guys I’ve not forgotten about this. Will pick a date and share here in the new year!


Very interested,
I’m from Chandlers Ford, weekends perfect for me and probably some weekdays.
Presently working in Shanghai but visit back fairly often.
I am pretty lucky here as I get to hear about DJI products early. The prices are pretty good too.


M2P AND M2Z? Now that’s just greedy! :wink:

Which do you prefer? … and why??? We don’t know of any other real person in the position to compare. :wink:

There was a bit of a thread on a local meet up in a Portsdown Hill thread … but will try and get @Longstride to post any updates on that posted here, too.


I’m hoping to get permission from my local estate I work with to allow us to fly there as a group meet up.

I’m thinking feb 8th. But need to confirm once I’ve cleared it.

Lots of open fields and woodlands to fly in and over.

I’ll confirm soon, but save the date! It’ll be near Romsey.


Best include @weather in this so that it knows. :wink:


I use the Pro primarily and my daughter uses the zoom, mainly because I am into 4K videography and photography. My daughter is more into scenic stuff. The biggest difference we have seen so far is in the early morning shots above trees. The zoom struggles with the contrasting brightness.
As I said I am working a contract out in Shanghai China at the moment. I will be here for at least another 6 months but will be visiting home ever couple of months or so.

I hope to go to the local meets if the schedules fits, I would really appreciate being on any meet schedule email list.

Hope to meet up some time soon



I am due to be rest days from 8th-10th Feb so that would be good for me.


Let’s hope the weather’s on rest days, too. :wink: