Hampshire meet up - are you interested?


Quick update. Scratch the 8th Feb/9th Feb dates. Cant do them due to a shoot day on the estate.

I’ll replan for later in Feb, maybe Sat 22nd. TBC.

I’ll post more details once I have a date, it’ll be an all welcome affair for anybody on GADC who can make it.


Some racing drones would check out the aim of the guns! :wink:


Sat is the 23rd. I am working that weekend unfortunately but would be available on 22nd. I am also around on 16th & 17th if those dates became an option.


22/23 Feb Perfect as I could not have made the 8th

Thanks for organising Glenn


Count me in only up the road only ever been out playing on own


Not from hampshire but like a nice drive so i would be up for it


If the weathers not bad this week i might have to pop down to try these burgers out wont be thur night cos I am studio till late


Friday or Monday evening looking possible, weather-wise atm … if one believes forecasts … which I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still interested and can be flexible re time\date.


I live in Alton and can make a date in Feb. Just let me know where and when pls?


I could do the 23rd, coming down from Bath…


I could make a trip down weather permitting and the wife…


Ok guys this is ON!!! I’ve got us permission to fly!!!

Sat 23rd Feb, meet around 2pm in a field near Romsey on a private estate. Chance to spot deer and other wildlife! Bring a thermos!

I can accommodate up to about ten of us.

Let me know who’s coming and I’ll share exact location by PM nearer time.


I’m in! :+1:


I’m in too :+1:


Ditto those men


yes please


I am working on the 23rd but if I can arrange cover to get away a bit earlier I’d like to attend. I’ll have a clearer idea on Tuesday.


This Sunday evening might be doable for a Night-Flight and Burgers on Portsdown, too.



@OzoneVibe what’s app me if you go!!!