Hampshire meet up - are you interested?


I may be the last person on the planet not on WhatsApp :stuck_out_tongue:


Old fashioned text then :wink:


I was going to try this week but went to A&E for an infection on the side of my head and got kept in all night on antibiotics and trying to get my heart rate down from 150 :flushed:
So as long as I feel ok Sunday I would be up for that


If I head down there, probably will be a bit before sunset (16:26) … in case that’s pretty, then hang around until fully dark.
I say “fully dark” … but that forecast is suggesting clear skies, and that night is full-moon! (lunar eclipse around 6am) - so chances of “fully dark” are limited.
Will see what the forecast is saying around midday on Sunday before deciding.
Hope you’re feeling better. :+1:


i’d say yes to a meet, but, i sneakily suspect that quite a bit of “that white shit” may stop me, from what i have heard !.


You know you want to
Bloody hell your retired don’t let a little snow put you off


i’ll see what the weather holds, then i’ll count me pension to see if i have any pennies over !


May stay at my daughters flat in London the friday, then drive down saturday to the meet, all depends on the weather.


Count me in, as far as I’m able to make a judgement as to where the hell I’ll be and what the hell I’ll be doing in two weeks time…I’m actually thinking of spending more weekends learning to fly a glider…that’s REAL fpv…


I,m in. Thanks


This is lining up to be the largest GADC meet to date :clap:t2:


Yeah - even @rain and @wind are saying they may be there! :wink:


Gotta be a badge in it!!!


There are already meet-up organiser/attendee badges. It just has to happen, first. :wink:


Well I was ok for the 23rd until I got a text today to remind me of a wedding I will be photographing on the 24 checked calendar after that and well 23rd is my granddaughters birthday (how did I miss that)
Let’s see what excuses I can use on my daughter…
watch this space


buy the Granddaughter a day out that only her and friends can go to like tickets for trampolining or such


ok i can make it as well there are a lot of fields in romsey


No your not i dont use it or facecrap twiter or any of that rubbish


TWITTER IS NOT RUBBISH!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there an option to priv msg people on here ??? i did look but couldnt see anything