I sat on a log in a hedge and waited… got lost in me own little world…

i never met anyone but me wife but also managed to come back with covid… :worried:


What’s Covid ??? is that the illness that panics the Population unless you make sure that you have lots of Wine and Cheese Parties. :partying_face:

yes, but cheese and wine parties, only if you know that you can do what you want because the rules only apply to others…

joking aside.
It is not funny (cheese and wine party’s) especial if like us, are a few members fewer in number…
anyway this is a non political club…

Covid is not Political…Its a way of keeping the general public afraid.
The truth is already coming out.
Anyway what you believe is called Democracy…My Father fought for it.
Take Care.

Meanwhile, back on the topic of Hampshire… :blush:

(as we all know what happens to every political/covid thread in the end)

Hampshire…Where’s that ???
Is it anywhere near Butlins Skegness… :thinking:

It might just be …

Is Hampshire the Posh part of the UK ???
I have that they are that Posh that they have Padlocks on their Dustbins… :upside_down_face:

Sadly there be many types of posh types down here…

The my daddy sent me to a expensive school … , my partners is so wealthy and bought me a big house and a Chelsey taxi, and I own the road even though I cant drive for sh"t, unless all you other wasters get out of my way.

there is even them that cant possible have time anybody but themselves… the me , me , me brigade.

it takes all types, and I don’t discriminate between any of them… I hate them all equally.

See, not that posh… I does live here… and I be defiantly not posh, nor is the two up two down where I does live…

Most places are the same. its the it is the lack of brain cells that makes people think they are better. or posher… Some areas are improving, but then some parts have improved so much that you no longer have the wheels nicked off your wagon while you are waiting at traffic lights…

Bin checked… still there… but padlocks gone??? if it aint red hot and naild down someone will have it away…


Agree with you…I live in a nice part of the Yorkshire Coast and have been in this House 22 years plus and in that time only know about 6 Families that stop and talk. One Day when they need a friend they will find that they are one their own.
Stuff Em…What do you say ? :fu:

Well i say that i went to Yorkshire once… stayed just south of Ilkley Moor, its a splendid walk on the moor. then it rained … then rained some more… loads of sheep, but I don’t remember seeing any coast… :slight_smile:
would like to go back again some time… Ilkley is a nice area.

Ilkley is the gateway to the Dales…it gets better the further up you travel. Otley is another place just about 10 miles from ilkley…Market Town.

I live on the Yorkshire Coast Scarborough, really nice place to live…we originate from Leeds that’s why we stayed. Safe place to live.