Hands-on tutorial, putting theory to practice

Cheers Chris for going the extra mile for me today. Invaluable session & weather perfect.


My pleasure Rob, thanks for the invite to fly on your mates land!.
That is a great place for you to hone your flying skils.


At least we know it does work at Mels after all ! Will make the most of it for sure :+1:

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It was good to rule out the “Drone Jamming syndrome”, that we thought was possibly the cause of your Magnetic Interference.
Even when I flew close to the power lines that were crossing the fields, i had no sign of problems.
What you MUST remember is not to take off until you here the remote announcement:
"The Home Point Has Been Updated" This is important to make sure your drone has a GPS lock on your present position.
I would also get into the habit of letting your drone hover for 20 to 30 seconds before you venture off, to ensure the above happens.
I think that was what may have been your problem, as I had the same when starting the M2P

You did mention about problems spotting your drone at distance after I had demonstrated the M2P Landing lights?.
I meant to show you the Strobes that I bought for the drones.
They are very visible for flights, especially in dull weather, but, can be used at anytime, if wanted.
And they are blindingly bright (as other will vouch)!.
And if you use the code in the “Members Only” section you will get 10% off your order !.
Look for FLYTRON - Exclusive GADC discount code.
P.S. Thanks again for Lunch, I had a great day meeting up with you !.
Sorry if it is/was a of information lot to soak in, but,
Youtube is your friend when you search for Flight Modes (which I was demonstrating to you.)

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Just punch in the Youtube Search Box for:

“mavic air flight modes”

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Yes ‘lights’ this is something I need to look at!


Your spot on with that Dave !!!

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At night I’ve yet to work out where the frigging button is to turn them off without turning the MP upside-down and blinding myself.

Managed it once and that was a real thrill …. being able to drive home whilst also being able to see the road. :stuck_out_tongue:

I charged mine up last night, friggin “spots before my eyes” for 10 mins after !!.
I have now learnt to put my finger over the LED when I power up, and down !!