Hangar 360 2.0 beta sign ups now open

I know a few of you use Hangar 360 so thought this may be of interest:

Sign Up for the Hangar 360 2.0 Beta!

We are looking for DJI drone owners to test our Hangar 360 app and provide valuable feedback while it is still in Beta. If you have a DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4 Standard, Advanced or 4 Pro, Mavic Pro, Spark or Inspire 1 or 2 and an iOS device, we’d love your input! Please fill out the form below.


Change log:

  • Much faster capture speed
  • Updated UI, matching the experience of DJI Go
  • Processed photos are now in full resolution
  • Easier share and setting experiences
  • Updated libary views
  • Accounts mean you can store your photos and info between devices

If anyone tries this, can you share your findings with us all please? :+1:

I have the Beta 2.0 not used it yet I’m a bit nervous of ‘testing’ it lol

I’ve just received my confirmation email of acceptance, but I’ve yet to receive the Apple TestFlight email.

One thing that really stood out for me on their list of improvements, well, two things really.

Easier share settings - I’m keen to see what these are… it’s impossible to embed the current version in to blogs, forums, etc so I’m hoping this will be a game changer.

Accounts - This is the killer feature they should have built in from day one - how did they miss this trick??

Again, first person to get a successful flight, media, etc, please share your experiences :smiley:

Haven’t used it in a while and wasn’t aware of a BETA

Just signed up :+1:

I have tried to use it twice now, it seems to work fine and then my iPhone 7 freezes and reboots.

Erk!! That’s not good mate :worried:

FYI, the 2.0 (build 103) beta app expires (from Apple TestFlight on 22 Dec 2017). It will no longer load/run within TestFlight beyond that date.

They may release an updated build before then with a different expiry date.

So @StevenPSCC are you iOS11?

My iPad Mini 2 is still iOS10 (It won’t handle 11 so I’m steering well clear of that upgrade)

FYI - the privacy conscious of you may want to go to the Settings and turn off “Anonymous Usage Data” :wink:

Yes I’m on iOS 11 on both iPad and IPhone. I upgraded after I got the Hangar beta so that’s probably the problem.

Generally apps released on TestFlight have a short life span, so will most likely be updated or renewed before that date if they feel the BETA needs more time/feedback before setting live.

I’m also guessing that 2.0 may well be a paid app.

I found a 2.0 processed image (heads up, this is not mine). Note the different URL format they use now too:


Still doesn’t embed in any forums though lol :roll_eyes:

Still no Android version?

No mate, sorry :frowning:

Well, that was possibly the shortest beta programme in history as Hangar 360 2.0 is now live on the Apple App Store :open_mouth:


I’m almost worried it’s gone live as I’ve yet to hear any positive feedback from anyone yet :thinking:

Fly safe :neutral_face:

V2.0.1 has just hit the Apple App Store, change log simply says:

  • Corrected an issue where the video preview could take a long time to load
  • Increased app stability

Anyone had a successful flight with v2 yet???

Waiting for the weather to pickup.

Just cant seem to wake up early at the weekend lol and son has football which puts a damper on things.

Gotta kick my arse in to gear. Waiting for those new quieter props hehe.

Just does not want to work with my ios11 devices

Haven’t had chance to try it on my iPad 4 mni with iOS 11 yet.

Wish this bloomin wind would do one.

It’s the same here in Wigan mate, the wind started on Friday last week and it’s literally not stopped since!!! We’re forecast even stronger winds overnight tonight.

I’m itching to get out there and try my (3rd) Mavic some more, only done 17 minutes with it so far, and five of those mins were hover/RTH/settings tests :open_mouth: