Hangar 360 help

Does anybody know why I am unable to upload my Hangar 360 panaramic photos to facebook…I can eMail it to myself or freinds and view it via the app on my iPhone 6 but thats it.

Hi @Wrighty

What happens when you try?

Any error messages or anything?

What are you using to produce the panorama, is it an interactive panorama?

Hi, when I go to send it from the iPhone to Facebook which is the option, I get a red cross with the word “failed”

Hi, I am using the Hangar 360 app on the iPhone, which works great until i go to send it to facebook which is an option and i get a red cross and the word “failed”

Hmmm ok, I am using Kuula website to either get a link, embed the code in a web page, or upload directly to Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. I am using android so can’t get the Hangar app, so sorry can’t really be of much help unless you want to have a look at Kuula.co

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