Hangar 360 The first attempt


nice photo and an interesting looking location, where is it?

Hi Abacus
Out of interest how long did it take to capture?
I have hangar on my phone but haven’t tried it yet

Interesting when you pan around there is what looks like and old runway and taxing circle next some trees and buildings

I like playing “spot the pilot”, too. :wink:


Hi @sparkman999 it only took a few minutes and it was only when I landed I noticed a peregrine falcon perched on a wall.

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Hi @pilningpilot it was the Cark airbase and barracks now a golf course belonging to Haven Lakeland Park. The airfield still operates for the skydiving club and I aim to be on the ground packed away around 07:00. They don’t start flights until 09:00. And it’s not a no fly zone

Hi @Rifleair it’s the Lakeland holiday park. Drones are not allowed but out early enough and nobody knows I usually go off the park and fly out over the morecombe bay marshes. I’ll give my second go of hangar a shot there tomorrow morning.