Hangar v Autopano Giga


These are the images that I took last week in Portugal, stitched in Autopano Giga (OSX version), auto levels and sized down for ease of uploading.



Not as complete an image … and no direct down view.
Image quality looks pretty good.

Have you tried Microsoft’s ICE for stitching? … or are you Apple based?


The “no direct down view” could be that the image doesn’t appear to be the correct projection render for a full sphere 360?

Also, for a full sphere you need to end up with a 2:1 image ratio.

The ones I did manually I’ve added the top in Photoshop to make the correct ratio … hence the solid blue at the top.


@OzoneVibe where are you hosting them or is a straight upload to the form as any normal picture?


My image is on imgur - but you can do it with a Hanger image.

How to get it to show as above … Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To

Also, how to extract the Hanger image LINK is in notes at the bottom of that one.


I think Hangar v2 is a little different, I cannot ‘grab’ the image ;o(


Hmmm … let’s see if @RaRaRasputin has any ideas on this. He set up those notes.


Does anyone have a Hangar v2 url I can check to see how to grab the image?


I’m guessing the one at the top of Hangar 360 from Seahouses Harbour


Alas now looks like Hangar use a cube for their 360’s with the image(s) chopped in to pieces.

Not going to be easy to re-assemble the 360 equirectangular image from this now.