Hans zimmer music video competition

I entered the above competitions, and was the 1st time i’ve had to make the video fit the sound track, other than the other way around. I was limited as i had no new video footage i could use, but i had been up to North Uist not long ago and used the video for that not expecting to win but was good experience, i think i got approx 1600 hits on youtube… if memory serves me right there was 4 Hans Zimmer scored that could be use i choose Time (Inception), again it was the only footage i could use at the time. i was at Berneray beach was a tad windy and not much sun but you can see from the Beauty of the place even in the video imagine it on a beautiful summers day, BEWARE of Oyster catchers they will buzz your drone all day without mercy.PS didnt get anywhere in the competition but learned alot.


Looks like an amazing place. Going to stick it on my bucket list of places to see. Scary when you see the oyster catcher coming full steam at you.

They have no fear the secret to getting away from them is to go high. drones rise
faster than they drop.

Oh and be aware on skye and north uist white tail eagles and golden eagles

Fantastic. Love it :clap:

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Its a place I recommend people go to.
I am going to harris and lewis this year
And the beaches are even better than on North uist


Really nice :ok_hand:
Never even been to Scotland. Need to go.

Where is it you live

East yorkshire.

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Get up loch lomond then glen coe and skye.even north uist .one of my fav


That’s some great footage.
I’ll be heading up this way once restrictions allow as it’s been on my list for too long.

Love that music too :ok_hand:t2:

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