I promised I’d publish the footage I got when @chrisjohnbaker and I went to Happisburgh - here it is! Some of the beach, some of the lighthouse. I know it’s another one from my wife’s travel blog - sorry but I’m too lazy to edit, compile and two videos, and my broadband speed is rubbish! Please feel free to skip through the talky bits.

It’s a fantastic place to fly around. The beach is expansive and empty, and the lighthouse is gorgeous. Those red and white stripes against the sky are a drone pilot’s dream.

If you do fly around Happisburgh lighthouse, please just knock on the door of the cottages at the base and ask first. They will appreciate it and it saves unnecessary unpleasantness. I can see why the guy gets cross. Apparently he had one idiot bounce their drone off his roof and then go and ask for it back!

Anyway, it’s a pretty lighthouse. Enjoy.


Ahhh, I remember you mentioning that guy recently :+1:

Thanks for sharing the video Russell!

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Nice One Russell !, Well Done.
Must see if I can salvage anything from the evening meet !

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Thanks both!