Happy Model moblite 7 newbie needs help - RX LOSS

hi all ,been flying my moblite 7 fpv for a little while …i noticed last time i keep seeing the RX LOSS and the drone dropped …just now , lovely evening , i took it out and tried it …twice i was dropped out of the sky both within 30m distance .
i will check any loose wire/ connection but checked on youtube and loads people advising to check betaflight , update firmware etc …i am all new to this and have not ever connected to pc , although was thinking i will have to when i need to set diff modes like ACRO , AIR . anyone here had this ? mine is just a standard moblite 7 and it came with this flysky FS-i6.

It’s not unusual for RX signal to be momentarily lost for a split secong, BF (andiNav) can cater for this by allowing a short time to elapse before it actions a ‘failsafe’
Look in the configurator here…Failsafe tab


What receiver is in it? If it’s an SPI Receiver then 30m is about its limit.

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it is this 1 - Happymodel Moblite7 Ultralight Whoop Quadcopter – Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

  • The lightest 1s AIO 5IN1 F4 flight controller

i must had it over 100meters before but only the last 2 occasions i started seeing the RX LOSS …i guess its me , with the crashes . i will take this opportunity to change the frame too . will report back after , thanks guys

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Definitely an SPI receiver. They have limited range and the environment has a huge bearing on the signal strength anything between you and the drone will significantly reduce the signal strength and will cause a failsafe.

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yeah , i can confirm that - DiamondF4 FS built-in SPI Flysky Receiver

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My Tinyhawk freestyle 2 used to failsafe at anywhere between 30 and a 100m depending on the conditions. For instance if it had been raining the damp air used to play havoc with the signal. Same if I flew it close to wet trees.

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: my RX prob has been solved - new pack of 5 aerials arrived yeahhh
BUT now , 2 of my 650 1S battery wont charge probably due to long time sitting in the box! i now need to get a better charger to revive them . Anyone here use this 1 - SkyRC Imax B6AC V2 RC Battery Charger?

Yeah I have one, Never had any issues and it can charge most types of batteries
be careful of fake ones, I got mine from Amazon



:+1: thanks mate …ordered !