Hard copy Drone magazine(s)

We are told that the use of drones use has exploded, yet its pretty hard to find a magazine on drones that can be held in the hand and read.
The UK appears to have one mag and that is digital only as no hard copy is being produced “due Covid”.
Running thro’ the web I find quite a number of magazines have started and folded after a few issues…Very strange considering the interest in drones.

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I think given that all magazines are only advertising mediums with a bit of subject matter to fill out said advertisements, there just isn’t the market to warrant print costs.

Video really did kill the radio star (and the print business too)


The other day I bought the RCME mag for the first time for years. £5.99…sheesh!!..no wonder mags are failing. I get a mag bi monthly from the US post paid £5.50 120 pages ( Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette)… Sure it has advertising but the content is always superb and its printed on glossy paper to a high colour standard.Was originally a man and wife team that produced it until the wife died…He still edits it - superbly - but it is now produced by a large company. Still a high standard mag. I believe it has only a 17K distribution.

Funded purely by selling advertising space

Whatever turns you on


Sorry couldn’t resist



What is a Mag?? Lol

I’m featured in many magazines - not front cover but full page spreads and resident column writer.

Not one single person, friend or family can hardly lift their head from Facebook to even notice - lol.

Honestly it’s there in print for ever in hard copy mags but I think I am the only one who’s seen it. :smile:

They’re far more impressed with the like button and how many so called followers I have. Sad but true.

I heard that younger folk - the zoomers and younger millennials are craving to actually own an item. Something that is Not on their device.