Harvest 2021 Drone Shots

Local Farmer allowed me to follow him around today in the local fields.

Canon Shots here


Love all these and the canon shots are very good looks like you had a good day …Alan

Lovely shots, both the DJI and the Canon, well done, Steve :clap:

Great shots!

Thank you guys, was good fun chasing it around :+1:

0528 is my favourite out of all this great collection.

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Really liking these, great angles.

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Thank you Trevor :+1:

very nice you could flog those to New Holland for marketing use.


Sweet. I love the directly overhead shots.


Thank You :pray:

Great stuff. It’s so good to have a subject to photograph (as opposed to simple landscape), and these have come out really well. I also like the edit to bring out the yellows.

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Thank you Justin, appreciate it. :ok_hand:

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