Harvest time

Just a few miles from Chequers the farmers are working hard harvesting.
Thrilled with Mini 3 pro and I was very pleased with the Mini 2!


Very nice indeed! May I ask what filter you were using (if any)?

Thanks very much! No filter used🙂

Just out of interest (as I’m trying different options with the mini 3 pro) did you choose 12MP rather than 48MP?

Hi, yes I did use 12 MP (RAW). I have tried 48MP but was influenced by what Ian in London said re preferring 12MP to 48 MP. Must admit I agree with what he said after trying 48MP.

I’ve tried the 48MP too, and given the right lighting conditions, I feel it gives a bit more detail, but can introduce strange colours in some instances.
It’s definitely 12MP for lower light conditions though!