Has anyone got an old v1.25 version of Drone Hacks?

Im trying to find an old drone hack version… the file is called:


If someone have it stashed away somewhere i would be gratefull
I just have to test something:D

When I used D H a while ago I had the old version installed .

It would not let me use the hack until I updated to the latest version , I had the old folder stored as well but it wouldn’t work un till :point_up:t2:

Do you still need it… I have all versions, but as Kirky pointed out, they dont usually allow you to run the old and forces you to updated.

Just checked and it does allow the older version to run, just get a notification to download the new

yeah if u have the file i just wanna test it

dh-win-v1.25.exe.zip (36.6 MB)

My bad :point_up:t2: , I was unfortunate , sorry @Jon_Dron_Jovi_1

Have you tried this, it downloaded v 1.25 for me.