Has anyone tried one of these?


Has anyone used or thought of using one of these in the cold weather?

Also, I bought some work gloves to try from Lidl this morning to try, they have the tops of two fingers and thumbs missing on both gloves and were £7.99 if interested.


Looks like something straight out of Japan…On a side note …if you tripped while wearing this you’d be wearing your controller as a face-mask, OUCH!


The answer to that is don’t trip :grin:


Or don’t drink while flying


Not much use if like me you always " Hand catch "


You just slide your hand out to do that…


Bought something similar when i went to Spitzbergen, was a pain in the arse.
Gave it away to someone who was going to Norway.
He also found it a pain in the rear !!
Just buy a good set of Arthritic Fingerless gloves, much better !.


I tried the gloves I bought above today, I couldn’t get on with them, the exposed fingertips went numb in no time.
I think I might make something myself.


I’d rather have frost bite than wear that orange big glove thing. :grimacing:


I wear these with fingerless gloves when its really cold.

Works with touch screen, good dexterity and keeps the chill off your digits.


They also come in black.
When I fly I very rarely see anyone anyway, being bright orange wouldn’t bother me.


I’ve tried these also, not for flying but we use them in work with other gloves and I can’t get on with them for some reason, if I don’t feel comfortable I can’t concentrate on flying smoothly.


I fly a bright orange Autel Evo and i love it. Most of my flying is done alone also. It’s a personal thing I guess. I just couldn’t see myself wearing them.


For the sake of my fingers I would, today I flew in -3 and had no feeling in my fingers after one battery, it doesn’t make it easy for a smooth flight when your fingers are dead :grin:



I have these they are brilliant not bulky and loads of grip


Funnily enough :grin:

I also got these as Ikopta recommended.

None of them seem to work for me :disappointed:


Well @MementoMori the only thing for you is sit in the car and fly