Hastings morning 7.30am lovely place


Like the 5th one. The clouds are great. Looking like they’re rolling in. :+1:

You were about 5 minutes from me as I live in Hastings. It offers lots of possibilities for droning on the seafront and then you have Hastings Country Park just to the east along those cliffs a bit. That’s also a beautiful place for flying, particularly early when nobody’s around.

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There’s lots of lovely flying sites around Hastings - but none on Dronescene

So it’s a great chance for you guys to add them to the map - write a quick note about parking, best time to go etc. and you will be doing all your fellow pilots, GADC members or not, a nig favour.

Add three sites and you get a bronze pin seeker award too!

Look at the empty space!


Sure, no problem. I can add a few places on there. Not entirely sure about all the local rules and regs everywhere, but happy to register some places with what I know :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, Great to see your photos of Hastings. Brings back a lot of memories. I used to live just along the seafront past Marine Court. Moved to Northern Ireland when I retired 10 years ago. Fly my Mavic Air2 around the glens of County Antrim now .