Have you encoutered this

today flying my drone using waypoints , the mission was finished, and RTH was operating . the drone was 10 to 12 ft above the ground and not one but 2 members of the public cycled under the landing drone. luckily I was able to avoid them . the drone was visible .

You are aware that it’s YOUR responsibility to avoid the public? Not theirs to avoid your drone?

RTH can be initiated when you have no control / lost signal … and in that situation you’d not have been able to “avoid them”.

The home location should ALWAYS be set to somewhere that it’s safe for it to return and auto-land without intervention and without endangering anyone.


I did avoid them , but they could have stopped . I did what what I needed to avoid them. im lucky I have a mavic 2 pro . with the sensors turned on

Did you warn them in a loud voice as to what your drone was about to do? Otherwise how would they know your drone was about to land in RTH?
If you take off and land in such a place that the drone uneducated public has right to roam, then you shouldn’t ever “auto- take off or auto-land ever ever” unless you can afford to lose your home in a court of law if you had an accident.

It’s like driving a Tesla and taking a nap, you’re not in control but you’re legally responsible for any accident.

Having said the above, thanks for sharing the incident with us, others will now be forewarned and and aware.


Well done for being so alert and avoiding a collision! People do the strangest of things hopefully it wasn’t done deliberately, you don’t say?

Just wondered how far from landing spot you where when this happened above comment about shouting out loudly is certainly good advice from a Pro flyer

Just wondered if using a landing pad may have reduced the likelihood of this happening?

This has given me some good thinking stimulus so thanks for sharing

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I was right next to it , a landing pad wouldn’t have helped, I choose a lousy spot , and wont use that spot again. it was quiet when I launched the drone . wont be making that mistake again


They say in television never work with children or animals

In drone flying it’s a case of never work with joe public :joy:


Did you say cycled? That may be part of the problem :joy:

I invested in one of those hi-viz “drone pilot - do not disturb” vests. Whilst it doesn’t take away my responsibility for my drone, I’ve found it does stop people dead in their tracks until it’s landed. Having said that, I’m always considering the “what if’s” when choosing a site to fly.