Have you got protection? (LiPo johnnies)

Saw these the other day while I was shopping and they seem like a good idea. Anyone tried them?

I’ve seen various YT videos on “armour plating” your batteries but most seem to be adding more rigid layers, and I was thinking that the ideal solution would be something a bit more shock absorbing. These seem a step in the right direction, although I wonder if they’re thick enough to be all that effective.

I may have to try a couple, as I seem to be knackering my batteries on a regular basis. :frowning:
If nothing else, coupled with the “Sticky Crappy Battery Strap”, they should improve the grip.

All adds weight though…

True, but I’m not sure how much of a difference an extra 12g-18g on a 600g+ quad is going to make to a pilot of my calibre, compared to the possibility of not trashing a £20-£30 lipo. :wink:

Reduced flight time.

Some people use old bike inner tubes


Again, I’m weighing up the cost benefits. :money_mouth_face:

Assuming the weight:flight-time relationship is linear…

Say I normally get 5-minute (300s) flights from my 600g quad, which is roughly correct looking at what I did last weekend.

Time should be inversely proportional to weight (gets smaller as weight gets bigger), so T = C(1/W) where C is a constant, which for this exercise = TW = 300x600 = 180,000gs (gramme seconds).

So the theoretical time for 615g (add a medium-sized sheath and assume all other factors remain constant) would be 1800,000/615 = ~293 seconds.

That’s just 7seconds less flight time, which I think I could live with. :laughing:

Of course, I may be talking through my hat. :nerd_face:

I need to transplant my Nazgul into my new frame at some point, I’m hoping that will increase my flight time :grin:

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I’ve probably got some of these, too. There are certainly several bikes in the garage with flat tyres. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect the ultimate truth is that if you’re slamming into concrete or steel at 60mph, any of these solutions are still going to transfer 99.8% of the impact to your battery anyway. :roll_eyes:

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With the current challenge it’ll be a wall, a tree, or maybe a goal post this time…

If you bottom mount the lipo and have a tpu ‘shark fin’ (for flip over) on top of the quad, it will be better. But make sure you land gently. When I swapped to top mount, I was / am trashing lipos quickly.

These (and similar) seem like a good idea, too. Top or bottom.

Lots of extra weight though.