Hawkesbury, Coventry 06/06/21

Meetup planned for the following location on Sunday 6/6/21 at around 1pm.
etc etc

52.460673, -1.470843


I’m there :+1:t2:

@Howard78 fancy a drive? Lol

@SirGunner bit far for you but be rude not to invite you too lol


Don’t forget @speatuk and @milkmanchris

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Prior to this, some of us will be going to the Rugeley tower demolition.
If I had a mavic, i’d film it. But as I don’t, I’ll try to fly through it. If my balls are big enough on the day. All welcome :grin:

Thanks for thinking of my but I’ve already committed to a day out with the kids on Sunday.

I’m flying tomorrow morning locally instead.

Will be coming for the big meet and should be bringing @speatuk too.

May see if I can get over beforehand

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Weekend of nights for me, become a habit @notveryprettyboy arranging the one weekend in 6 I’m on nights :frowning:

No chance of a swap?

We can trip up there mate if you got good spots :+1:

Middle of stupid holiday season, me trying


Yep I’m in

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In for this sunday or the big meet? Lol


Sorry Karl going out to Kenilworth sister in law birthday

I’ll have a chat with @speatuk and see if we can come up with anywhere that is worth you travelling to

Cheers for the heads up Deano but like you say, a bit far for a quick last minute trip to fly 5 batteries and drive home again :grin: Hope you guys make a good day of it though. The tower demo sounds awesome! Look forward to seeing some footage :grinning:

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Probably gunna rain tomorrow :man_shrugging:

Yeah I saw that.
Hey ho. There I always another time. Summer is on its way


is it still on ? i seen it might rain

Yeah we are going to try it. We have spare lipos to if you want

Yeah, ill be there between 12-1pm for a few hours :ok_hand:t2:

Isn’t due to rain till around 5pm now :ok_hand:t2:

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