Hay Bailing continued

Another day of Bailing Hay


Another glorious shot.

I’d be tempted to give that a bit of tilt&shift, see how it looks in a Hornby catalogue :wink:

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Thanks again Joe…not sure what you mean about the tilt & shift /Hornby Catalogue.

It’s a technique from old view cameras, these days done in edit and often used to simulate the look of a miniature/model (hence ‘Hornby catalogue’ :wink: ) with soft-focus edges and boosted contrast.

I’m a big fan of the look, but not great at achieving it.

Thanks Joe for explaining it to me but I wouldn’t know where to start may have to look that one up on Youtube.
Hi Jack thanks also for showing me the images of tilt & shift I will try and have a go at it once I know what Im doing.

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Thanks also Jack for the explanation.