Hayling Island Oyster Beds - Added to Coastal Scenery in South East

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

Decided to take a trip out to Hayling Island after seeing a post about flying over the Oyster Beds. You can park in the Billy Trail Car Park https://w3w.co/marathons.horns.playoffs then a 10min walk along the Hayling Billy Trail, when you get to https://w3w.co/outbound.relocated.graceful take a right and it walks along the water front. There are numerous areas on the edge of the water front with the public footpath running behind with clear areas to fly but also able to keep an eye out for walkers. Depending on the season, there might be birds nesting in the area.

The originator declared that this location was not inside a Flight Restriction Zone at the time of being flown on 09/12/2020. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying at the same location.


This also adds the Coastal Flyer Badge to your profile. :+1:

Hi, first I need to say this is in no way a rebuke but as you are PfCO 'd might have different consequences than for us humble just flyers… ha-ha.
The site is good to fly and video, however it is a protected site, by… the RSPB, Hampshire County conservation area, a SSI (part of), the IOW wildlife trust and the local responsibility of the Langstone Harbour master… I have flown it but it took me almost two months to get the necessary written permissions… however now (especially with the RSPB and several restrictions they have) I’m fine to fly the harbour with just a quick email or phone call to the HM.
Thought I’d best let you know and although they are relatively happy to let you fly as I said there are still some restrictions for me…

Hi Malc, thanks for the info, as a PFCO I do research a place to fly and I found nothing on the NATS website and did not notice any signage when I arrived.

I must admit it did take some digging to find something on https://map.whoownsengland.org/ but the area is very vague and not much else on RSPB website about flying drones.
However I will take your post onboard and do some digging for more information on the area. I found out about the area on a posting from other pilots who was planning a meet up there a couple of weeks ago. Much appreciated for the info. PJC

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There are no airspace restrictions in the vicinity at all:

I’m guessing you weren’t disturbing any wildlife either :slight_smile:

So it isn’t just me not looking in the wrong places then. I have asked @macspite as he is local.

Hi, yes you are right, others have flown here and of course I can’t see anyone apart from the RSPB, who do wander about confronting anyone.

I originally just generally asked about another place near by for a video I did for the HIWWT free of charge as a favour, during that as they wanted a full risk assessment I spoke to their head of conservation and this all came out, they were keen I also spoke to the RSPB, HM, etc… which I did, they were actually very helpful but it became a bit of a chore as I was doing this free for them but that’s my good deed for Conservancy…

It turned out OK as I now have contacts with these agencies for any further flights around here, which I have a done. Example, RSPB insisted on only at Low Tide so birds were not disturbed and were at sea feeding… so they tell me, the other bits came up when I did a bit more research, yes not easy to find I will admit, one website is particularly good (will find it and put it on here) as you can hide or show most overlays for the area and it includes, conservancy etc…

As I said, all places can be risky and unless it had been for the video I did I doubt I would have known.


Just got your message and thought I’d reply here.

One of the markers for this area on Dronescene is mine. I flew here with no distractions apart from the usual interested walkers stopping for a chat. No one mentioned any problems with wildlife disturbance (and Hayling residents are quick to moan about any infringements). When zoomed in Dronescene shows a bird symbol and a petrol pump symbol for the nearby Esso station. There are also text legends for nature reserves in map mode. Unlike the Sandy Point reserve in the south of the island there is no advisory yellow overlay,

There are no warnings on the site as far as I have seen regarding drone flying but there may be temporary signs during the breeding season - I haven’t visited at that time of year. When I have contacted the harbourmaster for permissions for a different area I have been restricted to certain times around tide movements when the terns were loving it up,

Extensive research on the net (15 mins with Google) failed to turn up any prohibitions; I think that this is a site that needs to be flown with a little sensitivity toward the wildlife during the mating season.

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