HDR the shit out of this


Just out walking the dog and remembering my Uni days when a graduated filter was all we had to play with and some creative dodging and burning in the darkroom (blacked out bathroom, or the back of the garage in my case) if you could be arsed.

Todays social media led trend seems to be HDR’ing the shit out of everything, so here is my starter for 10 from said dog walk.

Anyone got any they care to share?


Some from me, more on my Flickr account.


I blame @Longstride - he’s practically trademarked it :rofl:


Love it @MementoMori!!

@PingSpike if it’s not popping off the page in HDR oversaturated glory, my eyes don’t wanna see it!! Real life is far too dull! :wink:


Thank you Glenn @Longstride

Taken a while back, Flickr


A fine portfolio there mate!


Never noticed how red the pump house door is :wink:


The only wood we have is Chelmsley Wood!



Shit duly HDRed out!



River Severn at Shrewsbury


Just now, before the rain started during the RTH.