Hearing tuned to the sound of a drone

Anyone else noticed that they can hear a drone “a mile away”.
Was walking the dog on the beach this morning and there were probably 6 or 7 of us talking as the dogs ran round.
About 70/80 m away a mini 2? Took off, i heard and pinpointed it in seconds, no one else batted an eye at the sound.
Or is this just a sign I’m obsessed.


The “cocktail party” effect. where something you are familiar with stands out.

Iv been in a similar situation as late, during the week and weather permitting I pop over to the park at the back of my house. Even though I’m fling a tiny whoop with no danger to man nor beast I tend to tuck myself away in the corner out the way.

That said from time to time I would get the odd person make there way across the field towards me as to give me a piece of there mind. They would proceed to explain the law on flying 85g drones in built up areas and where people are walking there dogs.

But as late things seem to have changed, I now find people approaching me out of sheer interest wanting to no the in’s and out’s of flying FPV. While this is a positive thing I know it eats into my flying time which frustrates me.

so are people getting accustomed to drones and excepting them a little more, maybe so…
Drone GIF - Find on GIFER

Yes, very much so!

Someone flys over our houses regularly and like you say, you hear it a mile off and know exactly what it is right away - and start scanning the skies :slight_smile:

I think it’s exactly as your topic title suggests, our ears are that tuned in to the pitch and noise they make :blush: