Helicopter crash on Daniel Island 'may have been caused by drone'

More bad press…


This may very well be a true story, but I can’t get the niggling feeling out of my head that we’re just being used as scape goats for anything that goes wrong in the skies these days :cry:

the student was practicing a maneuver when, “a white ‘DJI Phantom quad-copter drone’ was headed into their air space.”


I agree, there’s something fishy here (and quoting Blackadder - “it’s not the smell of Baldrick’s Apple crumble”).

The instructor had to take over and the tail rotor hit a tree? Hmmmm! Why was the student flying so low and close to trees? Who flew into whose airspace? The instructor managed to identify a DJI Phantom prior to the incident?

Seems like an evasion of truth and personal responsibility by both occupants of the helicopter. Not happy at that :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

Pilot misjudged it, stacked the aircraft and is looking for a way out?

The report only states that they observed a quad flying toward them. At 50 meters the pilot takes control. It would have to be a tall treeI

Bet we won’t get tor hear the result of the investigation though…

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I can understand them flying so low as student learning hover taxiing which is usually done under 25ft.

Why they were attempting it close to trees though is anyone’s guess.

Definitely more to the story.