Hello all from Basildon... 1st time post

Thanks for letting me join and hello to you all. I am going to get my first drone but am going to wait until the new Mavic Mini releases.


Hi @Markp62 and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

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Welcome to the forum Mark :+1: :man_with_gua_pi_mao:

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Hi Mark - where are you based?

A new DJI Mini drone?

Do you know something we don’t? :thinking:


Hi Mark

The DJI Mini 3 isn’t even a firm rumour yet, so I think you’re going to have a long wait :frowning:

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Go for a Mini 2 and enjoy it now. It is a very capable piece of kit and good value. Waiting for a not yet announced aircraft means you will miss those crisp, clear winter days, the beginnings of spring, the full glory of spring flowers and foliage burgeoning into summer …

It’s not the smartest idea to deny yourself immediate fun when it’s available for the vague promise of what is, at the moment, vapourware.

Carpe jugulum! Seize life by the throat :slight_smile:


Hi Mark - welcome to GADC :+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you :pray:

Welcome Mark.

And get a Mini2. If a Mini 3 appears it won’t be able to offer much more than the Mini2 and remain under 250g. I say strike while the iron’s hot, If a Mini 3 is released next year you can always trade up, but I advise only to do this once it’s been fully tested by the Beta Team (those whom purchased on release), and all the inevitable bugs, shortcomings, problems, have been fixed and all the promised features have been implemented. You can use the recent release of the Mavic 3 as an example.

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The Autel Nano is due to start shipping in December too.

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Hi Mark and welcome :+1:t4:

As Nidge say Id go for a Mini 2 awesome bit of kit, I have an Air 2 and a mini 1 and to be honest the Mini 2 is the best of both worlds…

Not sure if you’ve checked him out already but I recommend this guy as he knows his stuff…


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Thanks for the advice there guys, makes perfect sense…Mavic 2 it is :+1:

Based in Basildon :+1:

Make sure you buy a Mini 2, not a Mavic 2.

The Mavic 2 is a very different drone :blush:

Hi from Wigan up in the north west :wave:t2:

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Hi Mark, welcome to the forum I concur with what some have said on this thread. Get the Mini 2, it’s an awesome drone and also there is no mention of a Mini 3 yet, only rumours.

Hi Mark - Get a mini 2 - it’s the tits. Also - I am only up the road from you in SWF so can show you some sweet flying spots too.

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Hi Jay.
Thats very kind of you,
Would be great to be shown some good flying spots.
Once I learn how to fly :rofl:

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Does the Basildon sign still exist on the A127?

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Yes that embarrassment still exists :rofl:

Hi Mark and welcome to the UAV world. I’m in Westcliff on Sea and been flying for a couple of years now. We have a local WhatsApp group called Essex boy drones. We do group flying now and again and we are a very friendly lot. Search on WhatsApp and you should find us.:+1::grin: