Hello All - Rochdale area

Hi ever one am new to drones buying a mini with the hope of getting out and flying for fun.
Passed my A2C of C but still confused as were i can fly it seem there are more no fly areas than flying areas. Were can i fly and take some good photos, a round the Rochdale area.


Hi and welcome to GADC

Our very own DroneScene is your friend


Milkmanchris thank you for the link. It has opened up the world to me now. I was looking at Lady bower lake on the A57 snake pass and the national trust land encircles the lake. So if the water company allows drone flights that one to look at.

They have signs up all over the place by all accounts, I wouldn’t get too hung about that, as long as you’re not on their land you can fly over.

Lots of members been to play there


Hi there,
I’m new to drones too. I live close to Greenbooth Reservoir so I am taking my drone with me whenever I go out for exercise. Seems OK there to me.

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Hi there as for the Rochdale area I couldn’t help you, but to ease your confusion go to dronescene.co.uk and have a mess around and learn the website, it will answer all your needs, should also give you local areas worth flying at, it’s new to me but very good site, hope this helps, Steve

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I’m bit of a fan of Drone Scene too :+1:t2:

And hi @erf70 from just down the way in Wigan :wave:t2:

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GrahamPhoto I am going to start going around some reservoirs within a drive of Rochdale when the lock down is over. There are some up Sadleworth moor.