Hello any fellow Norfolkians about?

Hi everyone

I’m looking for places and people to drone on with in Norfolk. I’m in Norwich just started recently and I am looking to improve my flying skills and use them in my photography work. Any suggestions of where to fly would be great, thanks in advance.


Hi @Urban and welcome to GADC

Check out the members map for folks near to you, @chrisjohnbaker is our normal all all things Norfolk expert, but he’s under the weather at the mo, I’m sure he’ll be along as soon as he can to say hi.

Looking for somewhere fly, check out our very own DroneScene map


Hi, Welcome to GADC, you have come to right place as this site is full of useful information and very helpful members , there is a few of us who are local ish to you . Be sure to add yourself to the members map and check out the section on where to fly as lots of lovely places to fly on there plus useful information, also try out the little search in on top right to search for any subject that’s been previously discussed. Sadly our Norfolk squadron leader @chrisjohnbaker dealing with other matters but I’m sure he will say hello when he can and you will not find a more helpful , kind or knowledgeable guy than Chris . Have fun and enjoy the site and your drone and although I’m still new feel free to ask.

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Hey @Urban welcome to the club.
Loads of knowledge and people willing to share it. I am not from Norfolk myself, by currently I am in Cromer for a few days with the family.

Loads of safe places to fly here too. Just like @milkmanchris, check the map of a location you want to fly on dronescene. Great tool to help you fly safe.

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I dont suppose anyone is out flying today or later in the week. Im struggling to find suitable local places, I have emailed How Hill and St Benets Abbey asking for permission so Im hoping one of them might be forthcoming.

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I wouldn’t get too hung up on asking permission, just go. Follow the drone code, make sure your’e taking off from public footpaths etc and all should be good


I agree. If you look at the dronescene map and it is allow, just try to avoid people and buildings, then off you go.

The weather been a little windy, I did had a little flight, but back inside. Tomorrow doesn’t not look great for it and sadly I Friday I will be on our way home.

I’m not sure around your area, but found that in Cromer beach is great but I prefer the higher ground of the cliffs near the lighthouse. I hope this helps.


Here is a map of the location if you ever around this parts:

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And here’s the same place, but on Drone Scene :wink:

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Great reminder. I wanted to use a couple of pics for my thread of guess what or where before adding it, but it needed adding.

Just added it.

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Hi mate.

@chrisjohnbaker has got a fair bit on in his personal life at the moment for one reason or another, but expect him to be along when he can. He’s the main man when it comes to all things drones and flying around these parts.

He’s cost me a lot of money upgrading drones when I was quite happy not! Haha.

I’m central Norwich. I fly down at Earlham park a lot down by the river and Eaton park as well over by the skate park. Recently being chasing a skaters around which has been a lot of fun.

If ever you want to meet up, feel free to ping me a message and we can one weekend or something. Always looking for an excuse to get out these days when the weather is good.
Perfect time of the year to get out for sunsets etc etc

Happy flying.


Funny you should mention @chrisjohnbaker ability to spend other people’s money , think it’s his most liked hobby lol it’s his fault I upgraded to the M2P but has to be said I love it .

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