Hello Everyone, from London


My name is Zoltan, I just joined, I have a Mavic air. I am really happy I found this club.


Hi Zoltan and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Thanks for the intro, I know I’ve replied to a few of your posts already :blush:

London’s a big place mate, where abouts are you based? I’m from Wimbledon originally, born and bred in SW19 :smiley:

Is the Mavic Air your first drone?


Hi Zoltan and welcome to GADC from a fellow Mavic Air flyer :wave:


Morning Zoltan

Welcome to the group. Quite a friendly bunch of people here.


Welcome Zoltan, you can’t go wrong with the Air :+1:


Hello and welcome Zoltan.


You right m8, London is very big :slight_smile: I am from E17, Walthamstow. :slight_smile:


Hey Zoltan! Welcome mate! Hope you dont mind, but it was such a nice photo I couldnt resist playing with the colours! I’m still learning lightroom so editing any photo I can find :slight_smile:


I do not mind Mate :slight_smile: I do the same, just practicing, I like what you did :slight_smile: