Hello Everyone! Mid Devon (South West) here!

Heya everyone. My name is Mat, and I have been flying my drone(s) now since March. It is a new hobby of mine that I have recently got into and I have to say I have been having lots of fun getting out and about and doing some videos and photography. Prior to picking up my first drone I was never enthusiastic about photography, however since I have come to really enjoy it and I am now super enthusiastic getting around and getting some shots!

My first drone which I picked up was the Mavic Mini back in March. Just recently (past couple of weeks) I forked out for a Mavic Air 2 for the additional features and 4k. I plan on using both for the foreseeable future and switching them out based on practicality. I will probably take my mini abroad with me seeing that it is a lot smaller and easier to carry around. My Air 2 I will use for videos and photography around the area and nationwide.

Since picking up the Air 2 I have passed the online CAA test and I have been keeping drone safe and applying common sense whilst abiding by aviation laws.

Right now, I post all my photographs to my Instagram @matperry94. I have also posted a few videos to my new YouTube channel (linked below). I also have a Flickr where I upload all my photos in full quality.

I have been reading up about ND filters and all the extras we as drone users can apply to achieve greater results. For the Mavic Air 2 I have been using the ND16 filter (during daylight) with shutter speed 1/60 and 30FPS. For the Mavic Mini I have not actually used any ND filters and I seem to have achieved some good results with both photo and video.

Other than that, I am 25 years old (turning 26 this year) and again I am from Mid Devon. I am not very good at introductions, but I think I covered most things. I look forward to engaging more with this community and sharing what I capture with you guys. I also look forward to seeing all your content!



Welcome to the club Mat :handshake:

Subbed and followed :+1:t4:

Hi Mat and welcome to GADC, you’ll come to find we are not a bad bunch and help, advice, critique and sometimes just the banter of other flyers is never far away.

Check out our Members map for other flyers around you, most are always up for a meet.

While you’re clicking have a look at our very own DroneScene map for member added places to fly around the country, please feel free to add any you know of, just log in with your GADC details.

I checked out your Insta, I love the panorama’s very nicely done.

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Hiya mat and welcome GADC I’ve subbed and followed :+1:


Hi Mat,

Impressive veiws on you YouTube channel considering your only a few months in! Subscribed and looking forward to new content!

Oh and welcome!


Thanks all that have welcomed me, feels very welcome here! Ill be sure to check out the drone mapand update with any decent locations around the Southwest. And thanks to those that checked out my social media and subed/followed, all helps out!

Just waiting the weather to become a bit more stable, got my new Freewell all Day filter kit today! :slight_smile:

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Hi Mat and welcome to GADC.

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