Hello Everyone - Scots guy in Dorset

Just joined. Had a Mini since it’s launch but struggled to fly as much as I want down here due to windy days so sold it bought a MA2.

60 years old , new to droning . Retired IT guy now just doing what I want …

Looking forward to reading things here and get the lay of the land…


Hi Gordon and welcome to GADC.

Welcome to the site, lot’s of info on here :grimacing:

Hi @Gkinghrn, welcome to the club. I’m relatively new here myself, but have found it a really useful and supportive community.
I’m in Southbourne, just where Bournemouth joins Christchurch.

Enjoy the MA2, I was out with a friend 2 weeks ago seeing his in action. I’m between drones having bought an MP in November, (which has been a great into to flying), and unceremoniously landed it in the sea a fortnight ago :grimacing:

I hope to be up and going again soon to get more of the local coast and ‘Darzet’ landscapes

Small world… I overlook the mini golf at Cafe Riva …

Done a few flights up and down the coastline .

Visited Hurn Castle today for some nice footage …just need to turn it into something watchable …

Really close indeed! I’m off the Broadway at Hengistbury.

Sounds great, I look forward to hearing how it went.

My friend in Highcliffe has just emailed some great looking MA2 photos taken over Poole Harbour, I was sorry to miss out.