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Hello All,

Very thankful to have found this platform and everyone on it! I have been a long time photography hobbyist always keen to get into drones. I’ve just decided to start with a mini 3 pro a few weeks ago.

So far I’ve obtained my flyer and operator IDs, but am having trouble getting over the paralysis by analysis over where exactly I can enjoy my new hobby. Any tips would be welcome. The regulations from the CAA are pretty clear to me, but it seems like the only place to take off a land from are hard shoulders or public parks!


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Welcome once again!

Worryingly, some members here have witnesses this first hand on the M62 :grimacing:

Where are you based @OuttaTime ?

Welcome, great username :wink:

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Hi @OuttaTime - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I cannot imagine what that would require from someone to find that a good idea :sweat_smile:

So far I have only flown from private land after obtaining permission. I had plans to fly the Lake District but am learning it may be difficult to avoid SSSIs and National Trust Land. I’m running out of time this trip to be researching too much more, so I may have to scratch my plans and try again next time. I know some people are pessimistic about the upcoming legislation changes, but I’m remaining hopeful that things will get simplified from a land access point of view. Your country is so beautiful and deserves to be captured in only the way that drones can.

Back home in the states I’m based out of a place called Georgia!

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Just go and fly as long as its not an airport or prison you’ll be ok… send it :wink:

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You can do it in any public place really with your mini 3, being under 250g. As long as there are no flight restriction in place of course.Just don’t do it in a busy area. Have you flown it yet? If not, do what you said, and take it to a public park, at a quiet time of day or find a quiet corner where other people aren’t going. When going to a nice place to get some shots, if it’s busy, I just look for a quiet spot nearby where I can take off and land. Just don’t take off or land when there’s anybody else walking near that spot. If someone comes along, wait for them to pass before doing either. If they happen to stop and hang around near you, just move a little further away.

Hi bud, welcome from the Black Country.
If you’re flying in the Lakes, watch out for your guys in their Black Hawks, Apaches, Ospreys, F15s and F35s, as they use the area for low flying training, helis down to ground, fast movers down to 250 feet.
Other than that, enjoy!