Hello from Atherton

Hello All

Im new to drones and flying. Im looking to possibly fly with some people to get better and learn. Ive got a Mavic Mini as i thought this would be a good starting point.

Im in Atherton so once the lockdown is over is anyone wants to fly let me know.



welcome. im only in breightmet Bolton , hope to meet you after lockdown


Thank you, Sounds great.

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Hi @ANT I’m also only up the road in Wigan :wave:t2:


Great stuff. Definitely close. we should all go flying when we can get back out.


Hello and welcome, I’m nowhere near you in Cardiff :laughing:


Thank you for the welcome. Never mind once i get better at the photos ill upload them lol.


Welcome to the site :+1:

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Welcome to GADC Ant @ANT

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Welcome to the club…Mike …Quebec Canada

Thank you

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Welcome Anthony,
This is the most friendly club I have come across.

Glad a few members are happy to meet up with you in the future!

Welcome Ant to GADC, from one of the Grey Haired Old Fart brigade !.
Lots to learn from people on here who have a drone the same as yours.
Chime in when you feel like it !.
We have had some interesting discussion about the Mini.

Never liked it since BMW took over.

“Grabs coat and legs it for the door”… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Have to agree Dave , feckin ugly looking little shit, would not have one if you gave it to me !.

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Trouble is it’s not so “feckin” little any more… :-1:
Alec Issigonis is doing 1000rpm in his grave.