Hello from Bishop's Stortford

Hi guys,

Conor here. Based in Bishop’s Stortford, Herts.

Complete noob to drones, but nice to see a UK club up and running.

Bought myself a Mavic recently as a birthday present. Still haven’t taken it beyond the back garden but planning to get it out to stretch it’s legs soon.


Hi Conor and Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Not long been flying myself. Started in the garden also, but only have a small garden.

Took it to a local park the next day and OMG, it’s a complete different kettle of fish to fly in open space.

Even tried Sport Mode out for a few minutes.

Tried the Hangar 360 app on my first time out too. It was quite nerve racking letting the app take control of everything, but it helped build my confidence in the drone pretty quickly.


Here’s another from a few days later


Going to revisit the second with Litchi and do a waypoint mission around the Railway Sidings soon.

Hi @MuuHan, welcome to GADC.

Pleased to see someone else who bought themselves a Mavic as a birthday present, mine was last week. :slight_smile:

I’m dying to get mine flying soon but am currently suffering from a lack of available space!

Welcome @MuuHan :+1:

I’ve not flown mine from the garden, I live on quite a build up estate and the neighbours might get a bit twitchy so I always fly away from home. Which is a shame, I’d love to take off from the back garden and explore the neighbourhood from a birds eye view :smiley: I might do it early one Sunday morning :slight_smile:

And @RaRaRasputin, I love the railway sidings Hangar pic!