Hello from Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Just dropping in to say “hi” as a newbie.

I’ve been flying a Mavic Pro 2 for a few weeks, before that I’ve been flying more made light weight drones. Hobby photographer and videographer a long time shooting on Nikon camera these days.

I work in the tech industry, before COVID-19, I worked out of London.

If there is anyone flying out of the mid-Sussex down to the Sussex coast who would like to share good places to fly or places to avoid, please reach out.

I’m spinning up a YouTube channel to share some of my videos, drone flying and I might add some tech tips on there as also.


Hello (again), and a proper welcome to GADC, loads of friendly people here, quite a few from your neck of the woods, I’m sure some will be along to say hi.

Any questions don’t be affraid to ask ;o)

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Welcome to the group Dean :handshake:

Hello there

Welcome to GADC, Dean.

You should add yourself to the members map and then you can see who’s local / near you.

Many thanks,



Hi Dean and welcome to GADC.

Thanks for the welcome everyone. Hopping that this week the wind is going to drop and I’ll get another hour or two flight time.

Hi Dean, welcome to the mad house!. Lots of help and good advice can be found here.
Please add yourself to the members map. I am nearby.

Thanks Colin - I’ve added myself to the members map.


Welcome :blush:

Drone videos on YouTube is pretty much all I watch, do you have a channel yet if so post a link :+1:

Looks like you managed to find the channel ->


Very early days, thanks for the subscribe!

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Welcome Dean @Phoenix76
Nice couple of videos there.
Have liked and subbed

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Welcome to GADC Dean, let’s hope the wind drops this week.

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Hey everyone. Just dropping in to say hello all again. Know I disappeared for a couple of months. Had an operation on my ankle and was holed up for a few months as I couldn’t walk very far.

All back on my feet now, just hoping for some decent weather to get flying again!

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Hope the operation went well and you are enjoying getting out to fly again

Hi. Name is David. Not even a Newbie really as I haven’t really started yet! I have a low cost Syma X8HW which I bought recently as a tool. I need to take some pics of my gutter, for an insurance claim. However, I am struggling to get the camera operating and I was wondering if you guys could put me in touch with a member who is local to me in Burgess Hill, who might be willing to help me set it up?
I would be extremely grateful.