Hello from Cambridge! Rocking my first drone (Mavic Air)

Great to find so many UK droners in one place. Hope to follow events here.

As mentioned - just bought the MA having been watching all the MP/P4 videos on Youtube.

Totally hooked!

MA seems excellent so far apart from the range where I’ve only managed to hit 1Km on one occasion. Usually averaging around 400m over my village.

Yesterday was probably the sunny first day we’ve seen so I dashed home and put it in the air for a fly-around. Really happy with the picture quality (YouTube seems to compress everything to within an inch of its life) although the flying and camera skills need a bit more work :-/

Rare sunny day

Take care, Paul


Welcome to the forum Paul.

Nice video. Don’t take this the wrong way but be careful what you put on YouTube.

Make sure your following drone code for anything you upload as CAA have been known to take action over YouTube videos.

Welcome a Paul, I’m from your neck of the woods and fly all over the Cambs area.

As Callum says, be careful what you post (and res plenty of safe open spaces to fly around.

I’m sure you will love the air If we can just get some more decent flying weather :slight_smile:

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Welcoem Paul,

Enjoy the freedom of flight :slight_smile:

Hi Paul, Welcome to GADC, very glad to have you with us. Have you noticed any of these ‘shakes’ some YouTubers are claiming the Mavic Air has?

Hi @paul1664 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Any signal issues when flying any great distance? I’m not that clued up with the Mavic Air transmission methods and wasn’t sure if it would start to suffer once you headed out?

Welcome once again :+1:

Thanks for the great welcomes!

@callum Thanks for the YouTube tip. I generally post them as ‘Unlisted’ so they don’t show up in search results or my profile but I guess I’m not helping the cause by posting the links here or anywhere else :wink: I’ll probably just switch them to private. They’re pretty dull anyway and only to demo to my friends and family how good the Mavic is!

I haven’t had any shaking issues that others have seen. I read a review last night (Bloomberg?) that reported it but they updated the story saying DJI had released an update that fixed this so finger crossed if you’ve been seeing this.

@PingSpike Finally the big topic for MA… RANGE. I’ve been generally maxing out at around 400m over what I would imagine would be quite noisy neighbourhoods in wifi terms. I did fly out over farmland and got 1000m. HOWEVER… there is a video on YouTube that describes how to switch to FCC wifi settings and APPARENTLY it works and those people who have tried it have been getting 1.2Km consistently with some flights going way beyond that. The video doesn’t mention it but I’ve heard it helps to put the drone in a microwave to isolate it from the real GPS signal when following the video instructions too (just don’t turn the oven on!). That’s what I’ve heard but, you know, who really knows.


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Good to know, thanks :+1:

There are a couple of posts here about FCC hacks for the Mavic Pro which work really well (search for ‘fcc’) so I guess something similar for the Air is entirely possible :smiley:

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Hi @paul1664, you’re not too far from me!

Great vid, you’ve got a new subscriber. Looking forward to seeing more from you!