Hello from Chalkwell Beach in Southend


If your Lifeguards are looking at getting a drone to help with the view of using it for SAR.
I would strongly recommend that the potential pilots are trained to PfCO standard, i think there is a specific course available for SAR purposes, perhaps any members who are reading this could shed some light on that subject.
We have several PfCO Members who are certified to fly Commercially, and their input to you would prove invaluable.
In you particular area of SAR, a drone fitted with Thermal Imaging Camera would be the way to go,but very are expensive to buy.


Its all very early days as yet Chris but that sounds like very sound advice, thank you, I guess there must be training centres already dotted around the country.

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We have certainly got contacts in drone training very local to you (Ipswich)
and as and when the time arrives can put you in direct contact with them, should you require.
I would wait and see what your people think of the drones, and ,chat about suitability of what you require.
Let’s walk before we run !


I am surprised that more Lifeguards around here in Norfolk are not using drones, in view of our massive coastline!.


Wow! things have moved on so fast and are still advancing the whole time, I even spotted a drone on the internet that has already been developed to fly out and drop floatation rings to swimmers in the water.

Thank you for the link to safe drone flying over water that is most useful Chris

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A lot of countries have already deployed drones for life saving purposes but the uk has been a bit slow on the uptake so far.

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Some drones can be fitted with a release mechanism that allow drops to swimmers ,etc.
In your case speed is of the essence, a drone can be launched in about 1 minute, with a top speed (in sport mode) of up to 46 mph, you can be on scene in no time, and can have live video feed of the situation, whether they are 50 yds away or 500 yds.


‘Walk before we run’ sounds like a very good plan of action, thank you Chris



Just found this !!, just to wet you whistle !!


In the interests of full disclosure Joe before you finally decide to pay us a visit, we do have one quite vocal club member that is not entirely convinced in the advancement of drone technology, but all opinions are welcome to help progress with the overhaul discussion and we have to be careful to include both genders in all discussions at all times as I am sure that you would agree.



Those are great vidoes Chris, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to post them, more evidence to show that drones are the future of search and rescue and lifeguarding.

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All i would say to that is…ask the Local Police, Fire, etc if they use them, i bet somewhere not a million miles from you, they do !.
Even a small Mavic Air would enable you to patrol along the sea shore to spot potential problems.
One of the many accessories to add to this is a speaker mounted to the drone to allow announcements/instructions.

What ever will they think of next !!
Skip to 6.10 to trawl through the bull !


I was just about to ask you about a speaker option Chris.

So many times people hang around on the mud flats as the tide turns and run the risk of getting cut off; to have the ability to be able to fly out to them within line of sight and make a verbal cintact to provide a verbal warning would save so many incidents from developing at Chalkwell every year, in fact that type of incident occurs more or less every week or so during the summer months and even surprisingly at this time of year as the public love to walk out over the mud flats when the tide is out

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Lifting that (500 grammes) would certainly take an Inspire 2 drone or one of a similar lift capacity, much more expense than than smaller drones.
In fact the bloody speaker costs as much as a Mavic pro !


Well… “Lifeguard” Drones do appear to be operational and saving lives. Basic drones have located and saved lost soles.
The technology has advanced enough for it to be effective.


On that Joe i totally agree !!


There is a DJI drone that fits this requirement.


As for your “Vocal” member, i would say he’s talking out of his…
ask him what is better, a £2k drone or a lost life?


I guess evwrything comes at a cost Chris but in the end what price do you put on being able to save a life; drone technology has to be the way to go from now on and into the future.



Hit us with it Joe !