Hello from Chalkwell Beach in Southend


LOL… he just needs enlightening :wink:


Could not agree more with you on that, and i doubt any member would argue otherwise !.


Our vocal member might find that suggestion a bit too uncomfortable for her sensibilities lol


You are quite right all the way, I am making notes as we speak to counter the negative paranoia brigage vocal induvidual.


I do believe a lesson in drone technology is due to come her way !.
I would be only to pleased to convince her otherwise (and probably a few of our members on here would to !!)


Careful what you say, a vocal strong person of that gender can have you off at the knees at a moments notice and without any compassion at all, I speak from experience of being terminated on more than one occassion, but l do tend to ask for it as I am known for shying away from confrontation, so when the blood of weakness is detected, the final kill normally follows not long afterwards.



As many members on here will testify, I LOVE A CHALLENGE !, confrontation is my middle name !!.
Not purposely i should add, but, i hope she is up for a techy lesson, big time !!


That all sounds well and good Joe but the other gender have a completely different inbuilt brain wiring circuit in my exleriebce lol


That was meant to say experience.


You mean @chrisjohnbaker


go to the pencil, it will allow you to edit your post, for approx 5 mins.


Don’t even think about going there Chris there are things that are challenging and some things that are just not possible, brave souls have already tried to tread this path and its not ended up well lol


How long has she been a life guard?


I would merely ask her to qualify her opinion and see if she could back herself up with any facts .
What limitations does she believe drones are constrained to these days. She will need to articulate her opinion concisely and accurately , otherwise she will have no support from her colleagues.


Do you have any idea what model that would be Joe ?


Sounds Joe that we should meet this “Miss Trunchball” :woman_teacher:


Mavic 2 pro enterprise … can be fitted with loud speaker .
Of course … one single drone will not fit all requirements




I have seen many brave Souls with your confidence before Chris, if there was a potential champion in a sport of devouring confident Alpha males I do believe that we have one in our midst down here, so you have been warned lol


As Joe rightly said, as long as she has evidence to back up her misgivings i will treat her with kid gloves !!.
Don’t worry, i will not confront her unless i feel she is wrong.