Hello from Chalkwell Beach in Southend


I would have thought any aid to prevent her or any other member having to put their life on the line to save another would be welcomed with open arms.
Are you sure she has her eyes open?.
Sounds to me that i would get more sense from a brick?:rofl:
(no disrespects)


Facts, common sense and reason dont come into it Joe, its like meeting a velvet glove with an unyeilding iron fist hidden inside, the clinical dispatching of it all is quite something to witness, one minute its all sweetness and light and the innocence of a new born lamb and then before you know whats hit you its all over lol, I bare the scars so I speak from knowing what its like to be in the vice like jaws just before being dispatched.


I am in disbelief that this woman is a trained lifeguard.
Sounds like someone i would not want rescuing me !:swimming_man:


As a designer/architect in IT - telcos, banks, insurance companies , I have years of experience in convincing info security, review boards and people up to board level that my designs are fit for purpose.
Am I bovered ? Nah .


Not normally in attendance so the problem should not arise, all the commwnts that I have read here have all been very resonable and make perfect sense to me.


like it Joe !!


Believe me, i am not try to “Dis” this person, just trying to judge…
“What bloody planet she arrived from!”


Simple, tell her to sod off for the day, when we come down !:rofl:


Its been a great 1st day listening to all your comments, so much to learn but so much already learnt yesterday, so thanks again for all the input guys and for some great videos.

The return to base button sounds great for a beginner, a stress free flight on the way back; do more experienced drone pilots ever use that feature though?

Best wishes,



Return to home requires the drone to acquire GPS lock and to be able to accurately register the RTH location prior to the pilot sending the drown out on its mission. This adds time (up to a couple of minutes) to your launch procedure which in your case may not be ideal.
Provided the drone compass calibration is kept up to date… returning your drone is a simple matter of pointing the drown towards yourself (you’ll see this on your display ) and applying forward stick . It’s easy to do .


An extra couple if minutes for the return to home function would be ok for a routine beach patrol but as you say Joe for something more urgent would not be ideal at all.

Your comment about returning to home by turning the drone first has got me to thinking that it might of been more about pilot error than the wind that caused my drone to fly off out of sight over the Thames Estuary last year, I probably didnt execute the 180 degree turn of the drone correctly before trying to fly back, my apologies little drone where ever you are, I was the one at the controls not you!



What was the drone that you lost ?


Hi Joe,

It was a very basic little white £30 drone from Maplin Electronics, I cant remember the name of it now though.



Well … no surprise you lost it… and if this is the drone that your lady colleague has based her opinion on, then I now understand why she believes drone technology is not advanced enough.
You guys will be very impressed once you get an appreciation of the capabilities of higher end (£1k drones )


The current top end drones sound incredibly sophisticated now with so many advanced features they all appear to be at a much higher level than before.

With such expensive pieces of kit up in the air is the reliability there to give you the confidence to fly without mishap ?

I couldnt possibly put any blame onto the little white drone for what some colleagues get up too.



She is probably basing her knowledge on what she’s heard on the BBC !. And WE know all about that after the Gatwick (so called, never was a drone) incident !
(apologies for chipping in Joe !)


Reliability is there. However, continuous checks and maintenance schedules will be required, especially in the environment that you will be flying in. Whoever steps up to the plate to pilot such drones will need to undergo training which includes safe operations and maintenance.


So the Gatwick thing was all just a suspicion without any proof it was a drone ?


Tony there was only one video of the “drones” and that was a police drone
For 32hrs only one photo/video had more photos of the armed police


Oh and two innocent people arrested for owning drones and having a Facebook account