Hello from Cheshire

Hi everybody I’m Reu.

I was introducted to this forum by Rich (pingspike) and I’m a user of The Mavic pilots forum too.

I have a Phantom 1 and purchased my Mavic Pro back in January (i know… weather not the best time to buy a drone) but i wanted to get one after saving since the September launch so i couldn’t wait any longer :’)

Anyway I’m up for some flying meet ups in the NW area and look forward to meeting some of you :slight_smile:

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Helloooo from Lancashire!

Hello, welcome, I’m not too far away from you and would be up for some meet ups.

Hey @Reuuc, welcome!

I’m also in the north west (Wigan to be exact), I think we’ve a few northern members already :+1:

Hi and welcome from the sunny south. :grinning:

Wish we had as many pilots around as you northerners (and the flying space) but hopefully it will come.

Hi, I’m localish to Cheshire being in south Manchester (right next to mcr airport, really poor place to own a drone!!)

Definitely be up for any meet ups in the future, work rota permitting.