Hello from Chesterfield

Evening all, hope you all are well and enjoying your flying ?
I am fairly new to the drone scene but I have been a photographer for alot of years so I really am enjoting the new challenge, the editing side is giving me headaches but I will master it if it kills me.
I have been flying today in some very strong wids but the Mavic just handles it in its stride.
I am looking forward to learning from you guys and girls…


Keen to learn more from photographers as I know very little.

Keep posting!

Yeah, me too, I’d never even heard of ‘RAW’ images before I bought my Mavic :blush:

@RaRaRasputin has posted a great Lightroom guide at: Mavic Pro Lightroom Stills

I’ve an older version of LR, but the principal is the same, I’m slowly getting to grips with it!

The stability of our Mavic’s is just incredible, isn’t it?

However, if I see high wind warnings in the GO4 app, I usually either lower my altitude or slow down my speed. Or both :smiley:

I’m still blown away by how rock solid the image is, yet the bird is clearly dancing around in the wind. Incredible technology really :+1:

Welcome to GADC mate :smiley:

Hi and Welcome,

We are all learning. I would think most of us are new/fairly new to the Mavic

It really is an impressive tool.

OK, the camera isn’t up to the standards of top photo equipment, but the stability of the bird in the air gives us photographers a whole new aspect on the shots we take.

RAW files are pretty easy once you get your head around them, the best advice I can give is just play with the files and it will become very clear how it works, I was a Professional sports photographer for quite alot of years covering anything with a engine so the photography side is second nature but the video editing is arrrgh… lol
I agree about the Mavic’s stability, it just moves around but the images are pin sharp… bloody love it
its just some of the drone haters that get me, but hay ho i find going out early is the key to not getting bothered…

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Hi @Ktm250. Welcome to GADC. I’m also a photographer in search of new and exciting platforms to shoot from. Hoping Mavic will offer some new creative horizons. :wink:

Hi Londroner I think the possibility of some new views are what we are looking for and I hope you will share what you come up with as will I… :+1:

Have you been brave enough to try the Active Track mode while on your motorbike @Ktm250? :smiley:

Ha Ha yes it worked fine but I forgot to press the bloody record button duuuuurrrrr…
We are going riding in the Peak next Sunday I am going to take it with me if the bakpack I have ordered arrives in time…

Noooooooooooo :open_mouth:

Could you not rescue anything from the app cache?

No I had the cache set at 2mb and I had done a flight at my mates farm and gulped up the cache so now its on 5mb cache, only get bitten once or twice may be ha ha

Hi and welcome aboard

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