Hello from Chorley in Lancashire

Hi all, after mooching around your site for a while now, I thought i’d introduce myself as you seem like a good, non judgemental group.
I’m getting long in the tooth now being over 60 but started flying drones a couple of years ago and currently use the Mavic Air 2 after having previously had an Air and a Phantom 3 (both gone to new owners now)
I don’t fly as much as i want to due to work commitments and my videos are far from good, I use them just for my memories.
I have a couple on youtube i think that i will link to eventually but don’t expect Cecil B De Milne quality. I don’t do all this editing stuff, other than obvious junk what I take is what comes out.
So, hello everyone and thank you for allowing me to involve myself.


Hi Mike @Speedbird from just down the road in Wigan :wave:t2:

Who ??? :smiley:

Welcome Mike :+1: :+1: :+1:

Love your avatar and forum name. I was fortunate enough to work on Concorde for the best part of 20 years - great aircraft :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi there.

Hi and welcome.

Hi there, from deepest Northumberland :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Creepily similar - I’ve also just turned 60 :roll_eyes: and likewise not into the editing much (time/skill to learn?), also coming via P3Se via MA1 to current MA2. More into pics than vids, but still get some good shots around/about. Have fun :grinning:

Hi Speedbird,
Welcome to our very friendly and informative forum form a slightly older (68?) flyer just south of you in Westhoughton. I too am currently flying a Mavic Air 2, together with a Mini 2. If you fancy a meet just let me know - anytime as I’m retired.

Hi @Speedbird like yourself in my early 60’s and just had my Air 2 going on 2mths, I have not done any video’s yet, but will be trying in the next few weeks when I am on holiday, and like you I am not expecting cinematic marvels and hi @SoarAway567 I’m from the Hexham in the West of God’s country

Welcome I am not a million miles away in Swinton.

I might just take you up on that offer kind sir, thank you

OK seems i need to work out how to reply to a specific message and just randomly reply. That was for BCF

I WAS expecting to get some semi decent (by my standards) footage off the coast of Orkney next week, but found out today that the trip I was on has issued restrictions about ‘going off my own’ and only organised trips will be allowed. It was a cruise ship tour BTW. So no flying uo there for me.

That’s bad crack on the behalf of the cruise company, am gutted for you