Hello from Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

Hi eveyone,

Liked the idea of drones for a few years, this year i finally bought one.

Bought the DJI Mavic Mini and then built my own little FPV drone. Not had much chance to fly it so always on the look out for places to go and learn


Hi Dean and welcome to GADC.

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Woods, canals, reservoirs, parks with permission, any rivers nearby?

Loads of open space around Cleckhuddesfax :wink:

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Loads for the mavic. Not so confident wit hthe FPV drone though

I take it your local?

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Welcome mate. You’ll get used to fpv. It’s like riding a bike

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Leeds born, bread and buttered. Worked all over the West Riding though ;o)

Now out in North Yorkshire (just)

Welcome Dean
Am over in sunny Halifax. Anytime you fancy a fly round.
Drop me a message

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That would be great. Weather has been a bit naff lately though.

Definitely up for meeting up to fly


Likewise Dean I’m nearby in Halifax. Shout out if you want to get out.

Welcome to GADC Dean
Im from York. Not too far away.
Enjoy the club. good bunch and we meet up regular (see club meets section for this mornings jaunt to the Humber Bridge).

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Hi @Danseri-FPV it’s definitly a great hobby, once you’re hooked thats it! I found a nice large open area to start then took a walk along the canal with my Hubsan.

This is a great forum for ideas, help and all things drones :smiley: :+1:

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Welcome… I’ve not been here long, but it’s a great Forum. You’re in good company if you live in Yorkshire!

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I used to live in Cleckheaton about 10 years ago, I’ve often thought about some of the scenery up there being perfect for the drone. Welcome to the group buddy.