Hello from Coventry!

Got my first drone a few days ago. I think the timing is perfect as the weather here has been great the past few days. Happy to be part of the forum.


@ash_tornedo Welcome aboard, im sure you will find plenty of answers on here, should you have any questions… loads of experienced flyers, from all walks of life…

Hi @ash_tornedo and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

What do you think of the Mavic Air so far mate?

Look forward to seeing some pics and vids :+1:

Have only flown it once and don’t really have any precious experiences to compare it to. But so far it’s been a ton of fun. Just really trying to nail the aerial photography aspect of things. But I know it’s just a matter of time and practice!

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy flying your drone.


The weather has been crazy. Was really looking forward to flying during the weekend. And then we got hit with this crazy snow storm :tired_face:! Can anyone tell me why it’s still snowing in March?

Have you ever seen a snowflake that can read a calendar?


Back in the mid 70s I recall it snowed in Southampton in July. :stuck_out_tongue: