Hello from Crawley West Sussex

Hello everyone my name is Mark I am new to drone flying I have a Mavic mini had it for 3 weeks but only flown it twice due to the weather, I also have Mavic air 2 had that for a week and not flown yet waiting for better weather .
I have taken my caa test and have op id on both.
I have searching for good areas to fly any help would be much appreciated.

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The coast is as good as any, country parks, industrial sites, ie disused power stations or railway yards.
You must consider traveling as well.
For myself, I live 300 yards from the cliff top in East Yorkshire but there are only so many times you can video land and seascapes, so Iā€™m planning to travel a round trip of 80-100 miles to get some new places of interest.
You appear to have lots of wooded areas and ponds which could be a start.