Hello from Edinburgh

Hey Guys,

New member from Edinburgh here, good to be a part of the community.

After being quite into photography/videography over the last few years, I’ve finally taken the plunge & got a Mavic Air as my first drone. Looking forward to learning from tips from you all.

I’ve been making abit of content from my stand alone camera recently, so can’t wait to see what kind of shots I can achieve the the MA. Some of the contend I’ve made is on my YT channel below, so excited to add to it:


Welcome to the forum mate

Hi Fmoots, welcome to GADC, very pleased to have you with us. Photography was the main reason I bought my Mavic Pro. Always wanted to have a flying camera. :slight_smile:

If its tips you want you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to ask any questions you have, you’ll get an answer from out knowledgable members.

Hi there @Fmoots and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Have you been able to fly the Mavic Air much?

The weather up there must be slightly mental at the moment?!

Thanks guys, glad to be part of the forum.

I’ve only had afew chances to fly it so far, and since I’ve been working alot it’s as the sun has just gone down so not the best conditions. Managed to snap a good photo of Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh though:!