Hello from Essex

Hi, just got my first drone - Mavic Air, excellent love flying it!


Hello & welcome to GADC Jeremy.

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Hi Jeremy and welcome to GADC.

The Air is a brilliant first drone.

If you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to ask.

Also if you haven’t already, check out the map of places to fly at dronescene.



Hi, Hatrick1960

I’m also in Essex, what part of Essex are you?

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Hello and Welcome, the MA is a great piece of kit :+1:

Hi, in the Brentwood area.


You are just up the road from me. I’m in Romford… we will have to swop places to fly…

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Hi , I am nr Chelmsford, plenty of places of to fly if your out an about,


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I’m just up the road in Suffolk, it’d be great to meet up somewhere local!

DJI_0131b.mov (8.8 MB)
@callum This is the wavy wobbly horizon I have with mine, twice back for repair and DJI state nothing wrong with it…SO its going back again.

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Welcome and great to see another MA flyer here :+1:

@m2bfx what’s going on with that?? The bottom of caravan in centre of frame looks fine but the top is off. Perspective seems completely off when yawing.

As am I :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep been like that since new, been back twice and they said its fine…Tried it on one of my shows we put on and the 12mtr screen looks bent …also took some still near the beach and its the same. Some people have the same issue when you look on YouTube …3rd time lucky as they said they would replace it.


Hope you get it sorted out this time.

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Hi @Hatrick1960 and welcome to Grey Arrows my good man!

You’ll have to share some pictures and videos with us :+1:

If any of you Essex guys fancy flying at the beach at Chalkwell in Southend you would be most welcome at our club house, a free seafront parking space and a kettle that is always on the go.

Best wishes,


Chalkwell Lifeguards Club