hello from Essex:)

Hi guys,
I’ve been flying drones for a while. Started with small toy ones. Owned Fimi A3 for a bit, was a great drone but wanted something that folds. Now, I’m enjoying my DJI Mini 2 a lot!

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Welcome to GADC :slight_smile:

Enjoy your flying.

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Welcome… Where abouts in Essex?

Southend, you?

Welcome to GADC, Eastwood here :+1:

Harlow. There’s a few members in Southend.

Welcome. Where in Essex are you? I live an Southend and occasionally go out and fly with a couple of other Essex guys

Southend as well. I’d be happy to come along some time. What drones are you guys flying?


I know me and Lee both fly Mini 2’s Not sure what Phil flies but I think a Mini 2 also. I’ll try and get something sorted

HI Dan, can you let me know your mobile number and we will add you to our Whatsapp group. We may be going out to two tree island tomorrow afternoon but I know thats short notice.
You can email me at davetolson1@gmail.com